Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Are Top Rums Moving into Whiskey Territory?

     Rum seems to be making strong in roads in the “top shield” area of brown spirits.   Many top quality rums can be purchased at a savings of 40 to 80 percent savings over equivalent age Whiskeys and Cognacs.   This is something that I have been telling customers for years working behind the bar.   I have had the pleasure of introducing many bourbon, scotch, Irish and Canadian whiskey drinkers to mid to upper end rums leaving most pleasantly surprised hoe good that the rums really are.  

     This is a scene that keeps repeating itself around the world.  Whiskey drinkers are being turned to quality rums.  There are different rums that match up to different whiskeys and Cognacs, you can’t just pick one rum to offer all brown spirit drinkers.   I have surprised many bourbon drinkers with a 12 year old El Dorado or Flor de Cana, and the Plantation Trinidad or Real McCoy 12 Year lends itself to Scotch drinkers.  I have also found that once you break the seal if I may, the are willing to do some tasting other upper end rums.
     In an article in Forbes, it was noted.  “The friction that has manifested itself is due in large part to common misunderstandings among consumers about rum. As with any spirit, ingrained perceptions are difficult to break. Rum, with its history of having been marketed as a fun-time drink, best mixed into cloyingly sweet and often fruit-heavy concoctions, or otherwise infused with enough spices and flavorings to cover up whatever character the spirit itself may once have possessed, has historically been uniquely susceptible to this sort of stereotyping.”

     I am glad to see so many people being willing to take the brave step outside of their “Whiskey Box” and introduce themselves to rum.  Those with an open mind will find that there are a number of great rums out there that ill fit into their palate range and will continue to enjoy them at a later time.