Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Real McCoy Rum: The Prohibition Tradition

Captain Bill McCoy
     The Real McCoy 5 Year Old Rum is a rum created out of the traditions of prohibition era Florida rum runner Bill McCoy.  If you wanted the really good stuff Bill McCoy was the man you got you liquor from.   He sold only the best spirits, and not the watered down ones that many others offered.  His liquor became known as "The Real McCoy" for being the best available. 

     Today through a collaboration between  Bailey Pryor and Richard L. Seale, there is now a rum bearing the Real McCoy name that truly lives up to the legend.   Pryor who researched, and produced the documentary featuring the "Real McCoy" and the American Prohibition Era got the inspiration to create a rum that would truly make Captain Bill McCoy proud of him.    Richard L. Seale from Foursquare Distillery in Barbados was contacted to create a true rum to fill the bill, if you will.   The Seale family tradition of rum making is one that is as legendary as Bill McCoy's honesty and reliability for the delivery during the prohibition ear.

     The results are in and they have truly done what they set out to accomplish.   The rum is amber colored, medium viscosity, showing fine legs in the glass.  This is a true sipping rum with an initial sweetness that fades to a spice and dried fruit in the back of the palate.  It finishes with a slightly peppery and long lasting fruitiness.   Having just received the bottle, I'm looking forward to trying to mix this rum in a way not to loose the delicate and very smooth flavor of the rum and yet create a well balanced and sophisticated cocktail.   I'll let you know what I end up with.   The rum is so good out of the bottle, that it is going to be difficult to improve on the taste.   ;o)