Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Watch Out St. Maarten, Here We Come

     Travel Day today, Headed for St. Maarten for the Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival.   I'll be
keeping everyone up to date on what is happening at the event and around the island.   Rum festivals in the Caribbean are always a fun adventure, You never know who you are going to run into and what new rums are you might get to meet.

     Judging the rums is always a really exciting part of the festival, it really brings you back to reality on your likes and dislikes about different rums.   Many times the rums that I tink I really like don't score as high with you as you think they should when you taste them in a blind tasting.  The opposite also applies, I've been surprised by rums I thought I really didn't like.

     This trip is giving me a first in my rum career.  I'm doing a "master class" presentation for the festival.   The Daiquiri is a cocktail that I have spent a lot of time chasing the history and the flavors of its evolution.

     I forgot to mention there are a few parties and beaches to explore as well.  I'm planning to visit the
 fun beaches like Orient Beach and the end of the runway to get pictures of the planes landing at Maho Beach.  I guess that it will be a really fun four days off of the rock.