Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Escape Time at Bahia Honda State Park

     What a day, following a couple of weeks of rum festivals, entertaining friends and customers at
the Rum Bar it is time for a couple of days at Bahia Honda in the "camper".   An afternoon of water, marina and cocktails as I sit watching the boats come and go.   It is such a relaxing time chatting with the people that walk by on the dock and those that float in by boat.  It is always and interesting time here in the Bahia Honda Marina.

     Today the winds and the seas were a bit tough getting here, but the ride is a big part of the fun.   Slicing through the waves and getting sprayed as the winds blow the spray from the boat back over us and cooling us down.  This too is part of the fun of getting out and becoming one with the ocean.   The weather is in the mid 80's and the winds about 15, perfect, cool enough that we were not suffocating from the heat.

     A fine supper of Quesdilla, potato salad and rum cocktails as the sun sets in the background.  There is always a cooling breeze off of the water that makes the evening perfect to sit on the aft deck and watch the stars and satellite trails.   It is time like this that answers the question that I am so often asked, "Why do you live down here?"   I really can't think of any other place that I would ever want to live.  Life on the water is a life that fits me like a glove and one I wouldn't ever want to change.

     Tomorrow morning it is pancakes on board and getting everything ready to head back out to sea and back to my reality of work, and a wonderful life in Key West.    ;o)