Saturday, September 17, 2016

Grand Opening of Hilton Head Distillery

     The Hilton Head Distillery aims to blend traditional Caribbean expressions with American back woods style spirits is opening on Hilton Head Island September 23, 2016.  Hilton Head Distillery is located next to Island Winery on Cardinal Road.   They are planning to produce white, flavored, spiced and premium rums in addition to vodka as a part of the collaboration between Dark Corner Distillery, in Greenville, SC and Cayman Spirits Company Distillery,  in Georgetown, Grand Cayman.   Hilton Head Distillery will combine the talents of both partners to produce a new and unique taste for their spirits. Hilton Head Distillery will produce a variety of rums in addition to vodka made from the same sugarcane base as the rum.

Column Still and Vodka Towers
     The Grand Opening is Friday 23 September and Saturday 24 September from 11am until 7pm both days.  There will be exciting guests and entertainment on Saturday along with some very exciting food options.   Tours and Tastings going on on both days for your pleasure.   The full scoop on what is going on at Hilton Head Distillery can be found   at  .

Pot Still and Rectifier
     I know that I'm looking forward to the visit Hilton Head Distillery, getting to know the crew and seeing the new distillery layout.  It seems like they possess a great combination of knowledge, talent and skills to produce some new and great spirit expressions.  Come by, have some fun, and while you are there take the tour, sample the spirits and be sure to look me up while you are there.