Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Fine Feathered Friends

Frigate in St. Thomas
    it is really interesting as I peruse through my many thousands of pictures that I have taken over the years down in the keys and in my travels.   I keep finding that there are always a large number of pictures of birds that I bring back with me.   I guess that I find that the many varied species of these birds are a source of contentment when I get the chance to photograph them and bring them back for my enjoyment over and over again.

Boobie in the British Virgin Islands
    It amazes me to see the expressions on the faces of the many birds as they fly freely overhead.   The gorgeous colors and shapes of their bodies and wings draw me in over and over again.   These birds from my home in the marina to all over the Caribbean  get my attention every time.    The really cool thing about all of these is that is all for free every where I roam.

Egret and a Green Heron
     At home I have a pair of wading birds that greet me every morning as I walk down the dock to my office.  An beautiful white Egret and a Green Heron that are having their breakfast as I wander by.  The have gotten use to me as I drift by and are not the least bit bothered by the interruption as I quietly slip past them.
Venezuelan Bananaquit
     On my last trip to Venezuela, I saw for the first time parrots, and many other very colorful birds that I have never seen before in the wild.  I found it very refreshing to see the birds that a so very common place here in America in cages flying free in the wild. 

     It really doesn't matter what parts of the Caribbean or the United States that I travel, I'm able to find a very large number of interesting land and sea birds to photograph.   Take a look up into the sky and enjoy the aerial performances that are all around you every day anywhere you are.  ;o)