Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday: 4:00 am for Tires?

Turkey Takeover: Black Friday moves
 in on Thanksgiving - Tennessee Journalist
    I'll sure be glad to see Christmas behind us this year.  It wasn't bad enough to be bombarded with political ads right up to the start of November, but now we have Black Friday crap that is about to drive me to DRINK!    Madison Avenue and a very weak economy seem to be hard at work trying to get the American public to spend more of the money they still don't have by getting them up at some ridiculous hour to go to the store and stand in line for stuff they really don't need or want.

   All of this stuff could drive a sane man to drink.   That is not such a bad idea either, at least I'd be at home and still watching those hideous ads.  So much for that Idea.  It is straight to the back of the boat and rock with the evening breeze to the sounds of some nice music and sip a glass of a nice rum like a 15 year old Barbancourt or maybe some Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva.    Tonight a nice liqueur called Hacienda Saruro has my attention.   Sitting on the aft deck of the boat, I often wander in my mind back to places that make me feel very relaxed and comfortable.   This is a part of why that I live the way and where I do, it allows me some real peace.

   Tonight it is just to get away from the noise of Thanksgiving and thinking of how it has really lost its meaning.   The nice breezes of the evening and a glass of Hacienda have really mad me thankful of where I am and all that I have the privilege of seeing and doing in my life.   This has been a very exciting year with all of the visits to places that I have never seen before.   Bucket list places like Havana,Trinidad, and Venezuela, all of the people that I have met in my travels, and all of my latest rum friends that I have gotten to taste.

     Black Friday this morning, yeah, I guess I'll just go to work and see if I can make a few people who are not shopping a little happier.   Maybe I can get a few that have been sitting in those lines and didn't get what they were really looking for happy too.    If you've had enough and need some time to unwind from your shopping, try my method of easy music, fine quality rum, and a nice place under the stars and rocking with the breezes.   It brings a smile to my face, how about you.  ;o)