Tuesday, January 14, 2014

St Lucia through the Windshield

     St Lucia is another of the Caribbeans beautiful mountainous islands.   The thick jungle vegetation and all of the fruit plantations make this a very pretty and colorful island.  Heading up the mountain out of Castries, the capitol of St. Lucia, you begin to see the terrain change from city to rural fairly quickly.   Once over the mountain, the view of the lush valley is breath taking.    I find these islands with their beautiful mountains and valleys  very nice.

     There are bananas, and spices and a variety of other items planted on the island and at the edge of the valley is the St. Lucia Distillers, makers of Chairman's Reserve Rums.

     Moving up and down the mountain there are a variety of colorful views of the bays that are all around the seashores. 

     The creativeness of the people is clear with arts and crafts available all around.  From the cars to the bowls to the hats and even the painted Tiki's, there are things that catch you eye everywhere.

     This is another of the Islands that I really enjoyed driving over and around and one that you need to see, given the opportunity.  ;o)