Tuesday, October 18, 2016

2100 Posts for Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

     Today marks the 2100th post for Bahama Bob's Rumsyles, It has been a really fun journey from 3 January, 2011 to this point and looking forward to many many more to come.  It has bee a lot of researching the stories and being able to travel to so many places in order to present the stories.   What's in a name, but it is really what the blog has been about and will continue to be, rum and the lifestyles of the people that are involved with the spirits.

    We have visited distilleries, historic and brand new ones, new distillers to some of the most experience and legendary ones.  Visits to distilleries that approach making rum in very different ways have provided some interesting stories.   Discussions with some of the most famous and innovative producers of rum in the world has brought a lot of knowledge about the methods and the history of the spirit.

    The travels throughout the Caribbean has provided a chance to share the lives and the lifestyles of the people of the rum producing world.  My live here in the keys has also allowed me to share one of the most interesting areas of the United States with you as well.  History and nature has endowed the Florida Keys with so many stories to tell.

     The stories of the problems and the responsibility of drinking and working in the spirits industry, from Prohibition to modern problems have been covered.

     It has been a chance for me to share recipes for cocktails that I have found or created.   Covering the changes in the seasons effect on cocktail making and the cocktails of different regions is one of the fun parts of the blog.


     Thanks to every one over the past five years for your support and readership of the blog.  I look forward to many more years and many more stories about the world of rum and living life in the tropics.