Saturday, June 21, 2014

Prichard's New Distillery at Nashville's Fontanel Mansion is Open

     Prichard's Distillery, the first craft distiller founded in Tennessee in the past 50 years, celebrated the grand opening of their second distillery on Wednesday, June 18 at the Fontanel Mansion in Nashville. Prichard's hosted visitors at a log cabin converted to a tasting room and shop on the grounds of the Mansion at Fontanel, the former home of country music legend Barbara Mandrell.    The Estate is now a museum, hospitality and entertainment destination that welcomes over 500,000 visitors a year.   The new Prichard's production facility is adjacent to the log cabin tasting center and includes a 400-gallon Alembic copper still custom-designed by Vendome Copper and Brassworks in the style of French cognac.  It is the first still of its kind in Tennessee.


    The Pricard Family is known for their fine bourbons and rums.  The new facility will give many new visitors the opportunity to enjoy their fine spirits.   This family’s heritage in the spirits business goes back many generations and I’m glad to see the growth into their new facility at the Fontanel Mansion.   The new still and plant will give them capabilities far beyond what they were able to do at the “old school house” in Kelso, Tennessee. 


    Best wishes and congratulations to the entire Prichard family for their latest endeavor, looking forward to getting up your way to visit the new distillery.  ;o)