Monday, May 9, 2016

Zafra 30 Year Old Rum Debuts

     Zafra 30 Year Old Rum masterful expression rested in oak barrels in Panama, Zafra 30 Year Old aged rum is a luxury limited edition of 6,720 bottles   The Zafra Master Series, well known for the 21 year old Master Reserve, gained worldwide attention upon its debut in 2009.   This 30 year old luxury rum debuted in Miami last month.   Zafra 30 Year Old aged rum is the latest of a legendary master blender Don Pancho Fernandez’s talent.

      "The product has been aging for 30 years in Bourbon casks. We closely monitored the aging process and we batched until we came to the conclusion that it had reached its optimal condition," co-owner of the brand Gardner Blandon says. "The task of batching many times over is tedious, but was necessary to the fulfillment of our goal of offering our consumers our ultimate expression to date."

    With a color of deep mahogany, with an aroma of old oak and fruit, and caramel vanilla.   In the mouth, balanced notes of wood, vanilla and honey that develops into a complex notes of sherry and bourbon.  The Experience finishes with a long lasting smooth and flavorful experience.

     This is a very limited expression and will not be around for very long.  With only 6720 bottle made it will be gone in no time at all.  The price is around $200 US for a 750 ml bottle.  The expression is presented at