Monday, July 22, 2013

Grand Cayman Tonight and Back to Key West Tomorrow

     It has been a long and fun trip, visiting a lot of very special and interesting places.   I will be back in Key West Tuesday and resuming my normal write and post instead of the scheduled posts of the past week or so.

     Yesterday as a travel day and like wise today, I have had a wonderful time traveling and visiting some new and exciting places and seeing many very exciting places, shows and museums.  

     I am planning a series of stories that will cover this trip over the next few months and the review of several new places , rums and events that I was lucky enough to attend.

     By the way it was Ernest Hemingway's Birthday yesterday, had he lived he would have been 115 year old on Sunday.   This is a man that lived the life any one of us would love to lead.  He did what he felt like doing, wrote like no one else, and wasn't afraid to try something new, and when he could no longer live this life he loved any more, he ended it.   He lived and ended his life in a way that only he could have done.   ;o)