Saturday, April 5, 2014

Washington is at it Again

Not Actually, but the same thinking is appearing again
     Here we go again, trying the same old tactics that were tried with a miserable failure during Prohibition. 
     "Following the American Revolution, Congress taxed citizens for the first time when it added 25 cents to the cost per gallon of whiskey. Although the public initially refused to pay, to this day Congress continues to tax liquor. So does each state."

     "But Congress is reconsidering its approach to the alcohol excise tax in the form of two bills that, if passed, would reduce the federal tax on beer, which is now 5 cents per bottle."
     "In practice, the excise tax on alcohol has been a revenue measure, even though back then Alexander Hamilton said it would not be a bad thing if it encouraged temperance." said Philip Cook, professor of public policy and economics at Duke University. "But if we do take seriously the issue about health ... then there is a very strong case for restoring the tax level . and (making it) higher."
     "Doubling alcohol excise taxes for beer, wine and liquor would "be associated with an average reduction of 35 percent in alcohol-related mortality, an 11 percent reduction in traffic crash deaths, a 6 percent reduction in STDs, a 2 percent reduction in violence and a 1.2 percent reduction in crime," the report said."
     "By the late 1800s, the alcohol excise tax was the largest domestic revenue source for the federal government. It was replaced during Prohibition by the newly implemented income tax. Since repeal, it has returned and has been raised periodically."
     I remember the same arguments some years ago about the cigarette industry, the doubled and tripled the tax until cigarettes went from $1.00 a pack to nearly $10.00 a pack and the only real effect is that it is harder for the people of lesser means to buy their cigarettes which they still buy, cutting out other things that should be of more importance.
     If the government would spend as much time cutting the pork out of the budget as it does taking the easy route of adding more taxes, the behemoth  we call our government would not cost us like it is.    It is the government's job to be smart and take care of the issues that were set up in the Constitution, but rather they spend their time creating more and more financial problems for the country.   
     You are not going to stop people from drinking their beer, wine and spirits by taxing them to death.   Spend your time cutting the fat out of the system.  Congress and the Senate spend more money playing "Politics" than they do actually solving problems.  ie. the latest Supreme Court decision to basically eliminate limits on political fund raising.   Plane and simple people, we need people in office at all levels that will take their job serious for "We the People" and less interest in just lining their pockets.  ;o)