Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year: A Chance to Get Closer and Enjoy the Rum World

     The New Year is here, and a chance for everyone to get closer together and learn a bit more about the exciting world of rum.     There are many ways to avail yourself of the fine spirit, bars, festivals, on the many great blogs related to the subject, and at home.     I'm working on new ways to put the rum out and making more information  readily available.  

     The biggest obstacle is where to find many of the finer rums as people leave Key West and return home.   If it isn't at their local bar or liquor store, sometimes it becomes difficult to locate many of the fine rums that we have here at the Rum Bar.

    There is very little trouble getting the varieties of rum here in Florida, but the rest of the United States really lacks the resources for the better rums.   There are exceptions in every state, but overall it is still hard to find.    Some of the problem for the citizens of the United States are the rules for importing rum into this country.   It become very expensive with the taxes to bring multiple lines of rum here from the Caribbean, Central and South America.  

    There are many rums in my collection that I have brought back here personally on my trips to rum producing countries that are simply not imported into America.    Many of these are very fine rums that Can only be gotten abroad.   It is always my mission when traveling to seek out the rum stores in each and every country to try and discover some of the many new and unusual rums available where I happen to be.

     Here in America we do have one source that has been growing in the past few years, that is the online liquor store.    This is a great source for better quality rums and hard to find ones.   Many times you can Google the name of a rum and the online outlets will be made known to you.   There are several very large ones out there both on the east and west coasts of the United States.    If you are having a problem locating some of the better rums you can look to cyber space as a solution.

     No matter what it takes to get the rums that you seek, the search is often as much fun as the enjoyment of the rum itself.   It is like quests for so many things, the adventure to obtain the rum is the one of the most memorable parts of enjoying the spoils of the search.   Enjoy your sown adventure of chasing the elusive rums of the world, there are so many that the quest can go on for many years.    ;o)