Thursday, December 6, 2018

Heavy Metal Band Motörhead Releases a Premium Dark Rum

     Heavy metal band Motörhead has announced the launch of its new eight-year-old Dominican dark rum.   Aged for eight years in ex-Bourbon barrels, Motorhead Dark Rum is described as having emitting notes of dried fruits, vanilla, brown sugar and even a note of dark chocolate.    This is a full-bodied rum sporting a medium sweet spiciness along with notes of chocolate, vanilla, oak and nuts.  The finish is a spicy one with a medium sweetness.

     In 2015, Motörhead teamed up with Swedish distillery, Mackmyra to produce their own brand of whisky marking their 40th anniversary .  The limited-edition Swedish single malt whisky was aged for five years in new American oak barrels and finished in Oloroso Sherry barrels for six months.    

     The Motörhead Facebook page, the remaining members of the band said: “As with every beverage we develop, it’s been a hands-on affair with no detail left unchecked.”  The rum is produced by Sweden-based Brands For Fans, whose business manager Yvonne Wener said called Motörhead, “the most dedicated, wonderful guys one could ever ask for, and true gentlemen in every sense.”   The rum was officially released in Sweden through its monopoly on 1 December, but other markets can contact the company directly for distribution information at