Monday, February 24, 2014

How Can I Really Experience Rums ?

     With nearly 5,000 or more rums being produced in the world today, how can I really get to know the category?  This is an issue even for those of us in the business of rum and have the opportunity to taste many of these wonderful expressions.

     One way is to see if a place that you are visiting offers a "flight of rum".  This is usually a half shot of each of several rums that you will be given the opportunity to sample. Most of the time without spending "an arm and a leg" finding out which ones fit your palate and which ones do not.  This idea works whether you are at a bar or even at the tasting room of a distillery.  You can be afforded this opportunity in many places offering a wide variety of rums.  The real good news is if you share these rums with some friends, you will sill be able to walk out and remember the experience.

The "Black Boat" Rum Runner's Vessel
     At the Rum Bar in Key West we offer this experience as a "Rum Run," drawn from the history of the bar as a "Speakeasy" during prohibition and that Raul Vasquez, the owner, and his history as a "rum runner".  You can choose 5 rums from our collection of 240 and taste them.   Most find this to be a very fun experience and return several time during their visit to Key West to experience more of the expressions that we offer.

     If you come across a location that has a really fine selection of rums, no matter where you are, see if you can partake in one of these tasting experiences.  ;o)