Friday, November 9, 2012

DUSA Distillery Tour

   This is one of the most modern and classical distilleries all at the same time.   The efficient fermentation process along with the recapture of the yeasts from the light alcohol vats make the fermentation process fast yield high quality results.     Continuous column still operation is all automated producing a continuous flow of light alcohols for re distilling or to be sent to the lab for final inspection and analysis before barreling.   The pot still and the batch kettle  are operated manually and are only run when the need is there for the heavy alcohols.   Truly modern operation that can produce a large volume of quality products. 

     After the analysis and sensory inspection of the rum, it is ready to go to the storage tanks and be barreled to start the aging process.   DUSA has an automated barrel filling operation that is truly spectacular to watch.  The barrels are loaded onto a very special trailer that can back up to the aging bodegas and the be off loaded by the special forklifts that rotate the barrels and place them on the rack where they will rest until they a re  ready for blending and bottling.

     The bottling plant is one of the most modern anywhere.   It can handle the mass of rum and other products that are produced in the plant.

      This facility is a fully self contained from the growing of the sugar cane to the bottling of the rum.   DUSA is providing an internal medical facility, fire department, and ambulance service within the operation.  This is like a small city with all of the amenities of a city.  They are an extremely green in the daily operation of the entire facility.    The residue from the fermentation is used as cattle feed and fertilizer for the sugar cane fields.  The electricity is generated with a bio-fuel produced in the plant.   All of the operations in the facility are constantly being monitored for the purpose of improvement in reducing the eco-footprint on the area. 

   Thanks again to the people of DUSA for providing us the courtesy and friendship while we were in you country and facilities.   ;o)