Saturday, June 15, 2013

Season Coming to an End and Headed into Summer Mode

   The season here in Key West is starting to wind down and we are moving into the Summer mode.   This just means that I can have a few more conversations with my customers.  I'm not literally slinging drinks, but rather being able to spend a little more time with each creation and more time with the people that will be enjoying them
.   In the years past, summer was really dead, but any more it is just a slowing of business, the combination of the economy are keeping people in the US instead of traveling abroad.    The security problems in some of the foreign countries have helped Key West as well.  Key West's reputation for being safe and fun has made this little paradise a year round destination in recent years.

    It is also a time when the waters are less crowded and I get to go out and spend some time on the beaches and sandbars of the islands with some quiet privacy.   All and all is a very wonderful time of year down here in the Keys.   Hope you get to experience the "off season" in the Keys and get to know what the Keys are really about.   Let the sun set on you in Key West and you will never for get the beauty and fun of this quirky place at the southernmost end of the highway.    ;o)