Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ron Diplomatico Blanco: The Elegant White Rum

     Ron Diplomatico Blanco from Venezuela is one of the absolute premier white rums in the world.  This is a pure and clean rum for the use in your premium cocktails that you want to be a cut above the ordinary.   First introduced at London's UK Rumfest in 2008, it has been a favorite of many cocktail masters since it's inception.   With it's light creamy feel on the palate and an unmatched softness for a white rum this is the one you need to try. 

     Made from only aged rums that vary in age from 2 to 6 years, this is a blend of light column and heavy pot still rums that have been distilled multiple times and finally charcoal filtered to attain the brightness and clarity so distinctive of this rum.  

     From the aromas that rise out of the rum you immediately know that this is a very light rum.  There are notes of sugar and floral aroma that lead you into the tasting of this rum.   You will notice a sweetness immediately, with hints of vanilla, cocoa, and  a citrus notes in the later part of the experience.   There is a long and sweet finish to this rum retaining some the palate complexity noted earlier, with a smooth, no burn finish that will make your cocktais superior ones.

    I use this as a base for many of my daiquiri recipes as well as for many other high end cocktails that call for a delicate smooth touch to make the cocktail well balanced and flavorful.

    This rum runs about $40.00 here in the United States, but for those very special times when only a fine white rum will do, Ron Diplomatico Blanco is the only rum to use.   You will find this rum in my Rum Lab and in the Rum Bar here in Key West as a resident white rum that is used in my highest quality cocktails.   ;o)