Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Ask a Rum Expert" at 2013 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

      There will be a brand new and exciting feature for the guests of the 2013 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.   "Ask an Expert" happening Friday through Sunday will be anopportunity for you to sit down with some of the RumXP's on hand for the event.    This exhibit will feature the same rum experts that were responsible for judging the many rums entered in the RumXP competition earlier in the week.   All of the members of the judging group have traveled extensively to many of the distilleries of the finest rums in the world.  Many have blogs, books, or are active mixologists giving them a unique opportunity to become very well acquainted with these wonderful spirits of the cane that we all enjoy so much.

   I am looking forward to my week of rum in Miami, and being a part of this new exhibit is going to be a blast.    This is an opportunity for all of you who are going to be at the show to get to know all of us RumXP's and learn some more about your favorite and maybe become acquainted with some of the many rums that you will get the chance to try during the "Grand Tasting"part of the week.  These should prove to be some fun and lively discussions that feature one of everyone's favorite subjects.

     Please take some time out of your visit to the 2013 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival to visit with me and the other RumXP's and see how we can better acquaint you with your favorite rums.   I'm looking forward to visiting with all of the rum enthusiasts that are going to be on hand for the week in Miami.   ;o)