Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Labor Day Weekend is This Week

Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River
     The traditional end of summer and the kids going back to school weekend, but like so many other things in this world it too has changed.   I still will always remember the family packing all of the camping gear into the station wagon and heading up to the high Sierra's for a three day weekend of camping along the Stanislaus River.   The good news was it was a really fun time of hiking and trout fishing, but the bad news was Tuesday morning all of the summer freedom was gone and we were back in school.
Relief Reservoir
     There were several resorts along the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River from which you could head into the wilderness areas and really enjoy some beautiful views.  The entire area is from 600o' to 10,000 feet and the stars and the clear skies are just breathe taking.   Hiking or horseback riding the trail into the back country is one of the best parts or the weekend of exploration.  The untouched beauty of this area is still the same today, and will hopefully continue to be this way in this time of so many changes elsewhere.

     Here in Key West, Labor Day weekend is going to be a fun one, but in a very different way.  It is going to be loaded with people that I will be entertaining and hopefully making there long weekend a little bit more fun.   It is different from my experiences when I was young, but it is still Labor Day Weekend and a time for fun no matter how you choose to use the time.  You might want to take a cruise on out Prohibition era black boat on this labor day holiday  ;)