Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cane and Abe Freshwater Rum

     A customer asked if we stocked Cane and Abe Freshwater Rum yesterday,  a rum that I had not been aware of until then.    I decided to research the rum this morning and found it to be a very interesting one and one that I plan to acquire for the Rum Bar in Key West.   This is an interesting rum that comes from Old Sugar Distillery in Madison, Wisconsin, one of those artisanal distilleries that are becoming so popular these days.

     30 year old Nathan Greenawalt is the owner of distillery and the brains behind this little operation that is producing a fine quality rum that is gathering a lot of attention throughout the world of rum.     

    My research tells me that the rum is fermented from domestic sugar cane produced in Hawaii and Louisiana, and aged 4 to 12 months in new and used heavily charred American Oak barrels.     The rum has a slightly hazy dark amber color.   Aromas of a sweet aged rum that give way to a brown sugar and maple earthy flavors.   The rum is of an oakey nature and has a characteristic robust and smooth taste.   The article that reviewed the rum say it can be sipped, served on the rocks or in a cocktail.   It was noted as one of the rums that brings new flavors to traditional cocktails.

     The rum is named in honor of a bald eagle named Abe, the mascot of the Wisconsin 8th Infantry Civil War Battalion.   ;o)