Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cone of Uncertainty Getting Smaller

      Saturday morning and we are awakening to rain and gusty winds.    The storm itself is still a day and a half away, but this storm is very large and feeder bands are already lapping against the keys.
     I've already got most of the preparation  for the storm completed, the boat is retied, and the loose things have been brought inside.     We have groceries, the water tank is full, and the holding tank is empty, these are very important things if the power is out for any length of time.   One other thing, the generator is in top notch operating condition, we will have power and air conditioning even if the power is out for an extended period of time.     We also have a good supply of my "Hurricane Bob" to keep the party happening for the duration of the storm.

     All kidding aside, this is a real storm hurricane warnings are in effect.   We have been serious about our preparation, and once that is completed, keeping the spirits up is probably the most important part of the riding out the storm.   We will get to spend from 12 to 24 hours inside waiting for the storm to blow over us.

     Today it is off to Duval Street, the bar is open and as long as it is safe and there are people stopping by we will stay open.    Then back to the boat as usual, hoping we don't have to head inside until Sunday night.

     I will keep you abreast of what is happening here, the fun and the preparation as the next few days until Isaac has blown itself out of the keys.   ;o)