Saturday, May 17, 2014

Key West Through the Windshield

     What can I say, Key West is one of the more unusual islands in the world.  You need several kinds of windshields to really see it, one on your boat, one on your scooter or bicycle, and maybe one from your car.  The car is the least likely for someone that lives on the island, because they are really a problem if you are out and about here.  This is because there is very limited parking and what is available is expensive.   I get around on my scooter most of the time, it gives me an economic means to get from place to place and still be able to carry a case of rum every now and then as needed.  My dinghy is the other mode of transport that works very well around here.  I run between the keys with it and over to my favorite watering hole as well.  I can cruise over and back to the boat in a clam and enjoyable mode.

    The views of the island are as different as the people that live here.   You turn a corner and you see something different that you did not expect to see, somethings that you wish you could unsee every now and then, but you get use to this when you spend a little time here.  Key West is one of the most beautiful places you can ever visit or live, the combination of the people, the water, and the wildlife (all kinds) make it such a fun place to be.

    Famous for its sunsets, the beautiful waters, wildlife, and its people.   You only need to spend a week here and you will never want to leave.   Riding the tides through the many small uninhabited keys is always provides  interesting views as the birds fly right past you like you weren't even there.  The numerous fish, turtles, dolphin and rays that you can watch swim past you will keep your head turning the whole time.

     In the evening it is gathering clouds as the sun begins to settle in the west.  Sitting at the dock tiki bar enjoying a fine rum cocktail after a day of work on Duval Street.  it is hard to imagine how it can get much better than this.  ;o)