Monday, December 30, 2013

Bahama Rum Festival

     February 21 through the 23 is the first "Festival Rum Bahamas".  Alexandra Maillis-Lynch is the chairperson for this event and has very high expectations for the event.  :" We believe that as a country if is time to stop waiting for things to come to us, we have to create our own destiny.  So far tourism has been pretty general, going after almost a generic tourist.  What we're looking for  now is a specific market because they are the ones that are often more loyal.     They follow product.   The rum festival world is in fact a huge one."    With this premise in mind, the festival is being created to provide a place for the rum manufacturers to show their wares and the rum lovers to enjoy them.  There will be product sampling, rum classes, bartending and cocktail competition, plus the fun of music and food from the Caribbean.

     The Bahamas have for many years been a center for rum.  The beautiful islands just off the coast of the United States are home for many rum companies.   Bacardi has a strong presents in the Bahamas along with John Watling's, Ron Ricardo, and many others.  It is a place with rum history from Prohibition rum running to a rum production mecca for many years.  The islands have a great Caribbean feel for the visitors as well.  The beautiful white sand beaches and the crystal clear water makes for a great break from the winter cold here in the states.

     Today is the day to start to make your plans to be at the festival this year and be a part of the first of it's kind in the Bahamas.    Everyday the list of rum producers is growing and the event promises to be a fun one for those that participate.   Remember that rum not just a spirit it is truly the spirit of the people that enjoy it.  Join the rest of the rum enthusiasts and be at the Festival Rum Bahamas in 2014.  ;o)