Thursday, April 18, 2013

2013 Miami Rum Renaisance: Day 3

     After Breakfast with Don Pancho and the introduction of Origenes Rums, it was off to the judging chambers for another round of tasting in the RumXP Competition.    Today it was Gold Rums, Spiced Rums, Cachaca and Agricole for the first session.   The second session of the day was for White Rums, some 22 were entered in the competition.

Jay Maltby and Lindsey Kops
     Lunch was a treat provided by the folks from "Papa's Pilar Rums".   This was a wonderful presentation by Jay Maltby  on the methods of making the rums and the unique solera blending methods.   He also related some stories that Patrick Hemingway, Ernest's son related to him during the project about the real man.  This is a rum that is all about being the rum that represents the way and boldness of Ernest Hemingway's life.     Brand Manager Lindsey Kops was there to answer all pertinent questions, she also provided us with the rest of the story on Papa's Pilar Rums.

I've already covered how good these rums really are and they are available at the Rum Bar for your sampling today.

Botran Rum Blending Center
   The evening was made up of three stops.  First was Roberto Ramos' Cubaocho in Miami.  The Botran people put together another of their very special VIP Parties.  This year they are introducing their new Botran Vintage White Rum.   There was an opportunity to become a master blender and produce our own rum.  Something that was really fun to do.   The meal and the hand rolled cigars were very nice and as usual, the Botran Party was the hit of the evening. 

    The evening was completed by a visit to the Miami Club Party at Gramp's in Wynwood and the Pink Pigeon event at the Wood Tavern also in Wynwood.  All in all a very fun and busy day and a lot of stories for future blogs.  ;o)

Don Pancho's Origene Rums Unveiled

Olli, Don Pancho, and Carlos
   Wednesday was started off with a breakfast meeting with Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez and his brand new Don Pancho's "Origenes" line  of exquisite rums.  Don Pancho and his partners Carlos Esquivel G. and Olli Hietalahti are responsible for many very high quality rums in the past years.   Along with the Don Pancho's Origenes lines of rums, the have produced the Ron de Jeremy Rums, Bohemio, Zahfra, Panama Red, and many many more.  Omelette's and Don Pancho Rum, this is my idea of a great breakfast. 

     "Origenes Rums" are Don Pancho's very own rums, these are very much in the true Cuban tradition of how rum should be made.   The rums will be available in an 18 year old version and a 30 year old version.   These are rums that Don Pancho bought many years ago for this project and has had them stored away aging in order to produce his "masterpiece rums".   Both of these rums will absolutely take your palate to a state of ecstasy as you let this absolutely wonderful rum pass through your mouth.

     Although not yet available in the United States, they will be soon.   When they become available this is a line of rum that your don't want to miss out on.    Don Pancho has really out done himself this time and has captured the true taste of Cuba with his magnificent rums.  I am looking forward to when I can serve these rums in Key West at the Rum Bar.  ;o)