Thursday, February 26, 2015

Where is the Bahia Honda Bridge?

Beautiful Sunset Yesterday

     Wednesday morning I woke up in Bahia Honda and stepped outside to glance at those wonderful bridges that I say the sunset through the previous night and they were gone.   The past two days have given the Keys an unusual mornings, we have been fogged in.   I've been living here for nearly ten years now and I've only seen this a handful of times.  

Woke Up to No Bridge Today
     Camping at the Bahia Honda Marina in our "aquacamper"  has become a regular escape for Marta and I since August.  It does the both of us a lot of good to just escape Duval Street and relax in the stillness of the Bahia Honda State Park.   Last week we had our winter visit with low temperatures and rain, and this we'll we are going to have to stay a little later until the fog burns off before we can head out.  We can "fly by instruments, but it is dangerous to be out here without the ability to see other boats and things.

     They are predicting a noon lifting and we will be off to Key West and back home again.  I love this place, it just isn't boring.  There is always something new to see or experience.  ;o)