Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life Returning to "Normal"

    This is the week when it all sets in that I am back to the everyday routine of work and a trip to the Hurricane Hole afterward.    This is a routine that I pretty much follow most days down here in the Keys, but yesterday was a bit of a different one for me.   The days started off pretty "normal" with a visit to the office, writing the blog, answering all of my emails etc.    Then it was back to work at the Rum Bar, still pretty "normal".    The day began to get strange as I sat myself on the scooter.   About three quarters of the way home and a "weird" little cloud dumped a ton of rain on my head.   OK, that really isn't that strange here in the tropics, but it had been sunny all day and most of the way home, the customers had been complaining all day about the heat as they walked into the bar to cool off.   This wasn't the end for the day that I had anticipated.

     Anyway after running down the dock dodging the raindrops, by now I had dawned my foul weather gear, a bit late, but better late than never.   Changed my clothes, a bit more coverage than usual, long sleeve shirt instead of a tank top, cool evening, after the rain and all, jumped into the dinghy to head over to the Hurricane Hole, the sky was blue and the water was calm again.     This was such a day of contrasts as I moved from one part of the day to another.   When the sun started setting I was sitting on my bar stool glancing out over the water I really wasn't all that surprised when the sky and the water started lighting up with reds, oranges, purples and yellows.    This was one of the most beautiful sunsets that I've see here in the keys in some time.    This day has made so many twists and turns as the grains of sand flowed through the hour glass, I really found it very interesting how the completion of the day had kept changing so quickly.    I guess all in all a pretty "normal" day in paradise.  ;o)