Saturday, September 12, 2015

Denizen Merchant's Reserve Rum

     Denizen Rums are blended with rum from the Caribbean that have been selected by their master blenders in Amsterdam.  Handcrafting small-batch Caribbean style rums as far back as the early 1700s, a time when Netherlands colonized much of the Caribbean.
     Denizen Merchant's Reserve is a very pleasant experience.  Introduced to us at The Rat Key Rum Tasters Association last Monday, I felt that it was worthy of an article of its own.   The rum is a blend of rums from the Worthy Park Distillery in Jamaica and the Le Galion Distillery in Martinique.  It has a very fruity aroma with some wood present.   There is a funkiness to the expression that I find very wonderful on the palate and it fades to a lingering dry warm finish that is very satisfying.  The fruity flavor along with the wood carries over throughout the whole experience. 
     "One of the reasons they chose to include the molasses based rhum grande arome in the blend and not the more traditional rhum agricole from Martinique is because when they checked in with rum cocktail historians during the development process – they were told that Trader Vic likely blended this type of rum from Martinique with the 17 year Wray and Nephew in his original Mai Tai formula because it was cheapest rum available from Martinique at the time.   Having learned this, they tried to come up with a historically accurate classic amber rum that is unapologetically funky and would have made Trader Vic proud. The fact that it has been aged 8 years also makes it a fine sipping rum despite it being slightly higher proof at 43% ABV."
     Between the historical reasoning for what they have blended and the flavor this is one of those rums that will leave a lasting impression with you when you get the opportunity to try it.  ;o)