Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Warehouses at the Brugal Rum Distillery Burned and the Fire Injured Two Employees

     A fire that broke out at the Brugal rum distillery in the Dominican Republic last week has injured two employees.  The fire broke out on the morning of Thursday 14 February in one of the Puerto Plata site’s warehouses.  The Brugal warehouse is located on the Puerto Plata-Imbert highway.
     During attempts to put out the fire, 12 firefighters and two Brugal employees were “affected in different circumstances” and received medical attention instantly. Some firefighters were affected by smoke inhalation.  Employee Francis José González suffered a broken ankle after being hit by a forklift and will undergo surgery.      “Thanks to the rapid action of the firemen and rescue workers, their professionalism and the operation followed to prevent the flames from expanding, the fire was controlled, impacting only one of our warehouses.”

     The fire at the warehouses of the rum distillery Brugal in Puerto Plata since 11 am Thursday, More than 40 fire trucks and two helicopters were used to douse the flames.  An extensive blaze is leveling the warehouse of the rum distiller Brugal & Compañía, located in northern Puerto Plata province.  The blaze was completely extinguished two days later on the morning of Saturday 16 February. The company said more than 50% of the debris has been removed.   Fire Department firefighters and Civil Defense rescuers are at the scene of the inferno to douse the flames and provide assistance.  There are no reports of fatalities but one person was injured thus far.