Saturday, February 9, 2013

Papa's Pilar Rum

   Inspired by the life and ways of Ernest Hemingway, "Papa's Pilar Rum" is a bold and adventuresome rum.  This solera aged and blended rum brings together the rums of the Caribbean, Florida and Central America to give you a unique flavor of rum unlike any other.   Like the label says "Never a Spectator", you need to experience the rum first hand.   The rum is first aged in French Oak, then Port Wine Casks, followed by American Oak Bourbon Barrels and finally in Spanish Wine Casks.  This unique solera aging and blending brings together the robust and unique flavors of the rum.   It is an adventure in your mouth.  

     The Rum is available in two styles, Pilar Dark and Pilar Blonde.  The Dark Pilar Has a very complex aromas of vanilla, honey, spices, and wine.  It has buttery sweet and earthy flavors that coat the entire mouth with notes of spice, bourbon, and fruitiness.   The Finish is  long lasting and warm with lingering honey vanilla tastes.  The Pilar Blonde is more subtle on the nose, but you pickup a bit of wood and fruitiness.  The taste has a more subtle flavors as you would expect, but still notes of fruit and vanilla.   Like the Dark Pilar, the finish is long lasting, but more subtle as well.   Blonde is  bottled at 84 and Dark is bottled at 86 proof, giving them the bit of roughness associated with a overproof seagoing rum.

    Like Pilar the rum is ready for adventure and the adventurous mixologist.  The Blonde Pilar is a very nice sipping rum that will be suited well to premium cocktails as is the Dark Pilar.   The name is well suited to the flavors of the rums and is a welcome addition to my personal collection.  

    The bottle is shaped like a World War II canteen, fitting to the man and the rum, soon to be available in stores and at better bars.  These are had selected rums that are blended in the original spirit of rum.  You need to experience the fine qualities of both of Papa Hemingway's rums for the high seas.   ;o)