Thursday, June 2, 2011

Odd, Did you See What I Saw?

Dogs that drink at Bars

People riding hammerheads

That is a head of Hair
Key West is a funny town with some very odd things happening.     Everything from dogs that  drink at bars, people that ride hammerheads, and a host of other odd things that people do here in Key West.     We are an interesting group of people here in the southernmost city, wee ride bicycles and scooters, and have been known to do very strange things  for no apparent reason.     In other words we are not afraid to have a good time and let life happen spontaneously. 

Now this is a parrot head
      Many times we might just be walking down the street and a parrot land on your head, or you walk into a store and find a new wig, all things are fun if you look at them from the right angle.     We have chickens, cats, dogs and some very strange people here and we love them all.

The Catman of Mallory Square

     How about cats jumping through hoops, chickens that have the right of way on the streets, and a flock of motor scooters that buzz around everywhere.  

BO's Fish Wagon

     You know this is a very nice little key that is just plain fun to live on.     Where else is a diner, an eclectic pile of rusting automobiles and stuff, and an anchor lying in the square?    I guess we're just lucky and happy to be silly and have a little fun at the same time.      It's funny, because this silliness is contagious in that it seems to be caught by the visitors as well.    Stop by Key West and join our rumstyle of fun and giggles.   ;o)