Thursday, September 1, 2011

Watching the Approach of Labor Day

     The approach of Labor Day 2011 is dotted with strange weather patterns, none of which are very appealing.     Hurricane Katia in the central Atlantic and a troublesome low pressure area in the Gulf of Mexico.    Last night the sky's were alive with thunder, lightning, and heavy rains.     Today thee sky's are still cloudy and looking much like more of the same in store for today.    It looks as though the holiday weekend will be one of indoor sports or very wet outdoor ones.     I'm hoping that the gulf storm blow itself out in the next day or so and just goes away and that Katia continues to stay in the central Atlantic as it  is predicted to do.     If these scenarios pan out, it could be a good Labor Day Weekend in the Keys.

     After three years of no real storms around the Keys, it is a bit spooky to have these storms keep popping up one after the other.     Irene was a real "bitch", and really mad a mess to the east coast, that in itself has already ruined the holiday for millions up there.    The last thing they need is for Katia to run in behind her and cause more havoc.     I'm just hoping for the speedy recovery to all these affected by Irene and the sparing them of another one following on her heels.   

     I remember how long it took to clean up after Wilma in 2005 here in the Keys, and can't imagine cleaning up the mess on the East Coast.     I'm looking for better days for the weekend and the near future and a chance for those that were ravaged by Irene to make repairs and get their lives back to normal as soon as possible.     Let put Irene to bed and try to have an enjoyable Labor Day weekend.   ;o)