Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Island Company Resort Rum

     Island Company is a resort and lifestyle brand based in West Palm Beach, Florida.   It was founded by Spencer Antle and launched Rum Company in March 2010.   Island Company Rum was made as a rum that women could drink straight and yet appeal to the pirates and the rest of the male population.  The rum is distilled by Angostura in Trinidad in column stills then aged three years in American Whiskey barrels. A true rum starts with a sugarcane derivative, fermented and after a 5 pass thru distillation, the liquid is essentially a neutral spirit containing nearly no sugar.

     Straight up this expression has a pale gold color with a subtle buttery aroma, there’s a slight butterscotch and anise notes on the palate with slight notes of the barrel s well, the flavor is subtle yet complex throughout.  There is virtually no burn from start to finish.   Island Company Rum mixes well without losing its identity, it is suited well for higher end cocktails.  With one cube of ice it makes a nice sipper.  The light bodied mouth feel lends it to a relaxed time of relaxed enjoyment.

     Available on the east coast, distributed by Breakthru Beverage Group throughout Florida, Horizon Beverage for Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and Wolfpack Wine & Spirits in New York and New Jersey.  Distribution is expected to grow to other areas as soon as possible.   Bottled at 80 proof in 750 cc bottles and priced at about $38.

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