Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Antigua: The Contrasts

     Antigua, one of the leeward islands if the West Indies, provides many contrasts as you travel around this very contrasting island.   On the east you have the very turbulent seas that are seen from the high cliffs that the sea is constantly pounding against.  The high point being the "Devil's Bridge".  


     To the South you have English Harbour and the Nelson's Dockyards, a much more serene and calm sea is found in this area.  This is the famous harbour that protected the British Navy, and gave them a safe haven for repairs and restocking.


    The Southwest corner of the Island is a dense rain forest that almost requires the use of headlights as you traverse through the canopy.  It lets you out into the beautiful beaches of the western side of the island.

     The road moves inland through the countryside that is another contrast of fields of grasses and grazing goats and other animals as you move back toward the city and the end of the journey around Antigua.