Friday, May 17, 2013

Kenny's Blue Chair Bay Rum Has Arrived at The Rum Bar

     The long awaited rum from Kenny Chesney has finally arrived at the Rum Bar.  We have gotten the White and the Coconut so far, the Coconut Spiced was not yet in stock yet at Republic National.  Hopefully it will be in for next weeks order.  

    The Kenny Chesney fans are literally eating this rum up.  The fans are mixing it with several different juices and sodas, but they are liking these rums.   The coconut is of a very sweet nature and very aromatic, you can smell the sweet coconut frosting like airs from across the room.

     The white rum is a classic Bajan style rum, this is a good mixer that will make you feel right at home with Kenny on the beaches of the Caribbean.   This is for the true pirate that likes the fun beach life and a rum cocktail on the beach or in your back yard a sunset.