Friday, August 24, 2012

Go2TheKeys: The New App for The Keys

Go2TheKeys, The Definitive Guide to The Florida Keys, Creates New Model for Travel Apps


App delivers comprehensive and constantly updated information coupled with an

instructive guide.   It allows tourists to navigate like locals.


     Go2TheKeys, the first in a series of localized ‘Go2’ Apps from Flying Fish Interactive, breaks away from the impersonal data intensive approach common in travel Apps. Instead, Go2TheKeys delivers information gathered from a local perspective and then provides a guide in order to make sense of it all.


     Go2TheKeys delivers the most up to date and robust information available anywhere, period.  Each of the more than 2,300 listed businesses and points of interest were visited prior to inclusion. Go2TheKeys let’s visitors navigate and enjoy a destination as if they were locals.  “Each business in The Florida Keys represent more than a data point to us. Each is an owners dreams and investments, an employees job and profession, a families income. Each represents a customers memory of a great vacation with family and friends.” Says Carlton Grooms, cofounder and CEO. “We could not create this best in class App for The Florida Keys without having spent time getting to know our neighbors. I think that unique level of commitment and knowledge comes through in the App.”


     “Go2TheKeys is a result of applying cutting edge technology and programming in new creative ways.” Said Lee Jones, the co-founder and CTO. “We constantly pushed the envelope of the Apple iOS. We applied our own location based services solutions to create something consumers have never seen. I am personally excited about our proprietary coupon system.”


     Go2TheKeys can be used by visitors before their trip to The Florida Keys in order to plan their itinerary and highlight things they want to do and see. Keys businesses will be able to send customized offerings to users based on their interests as they plan their vacation. Once in the Keys, users can easily navigate The Keys, explore points of interest, and take advantage of Go2TheKeys unique coupon system which delivers customized offers to the traveler.   With Go2TheKeys loaded on their iPhone, visitors to The Florida Keys will no longer be lost due to no information or paralyzed by too much information. The App will help lead users off the traditional tourists paths and introduce them to a broader experience in The Keys. It will also help them save significantly more than traditional, non-earth friendly, paper based coupons and advertising.

     Go2TheKeys is now available in the Apple App store for iPhone. The Android version will follow soon. It is being offered for FREE for a limited time.


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