Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Second Day in Old San Juan

     Second day in Old San Juan, it’s off to the trolley and a tour of Old San Juan.      Today we are following the wall as we travel around the city.    Known as the walled city, Old San Juan is a historically significant place that was held and attacked by many countries since its beginnings in the Sixteenth Century.     The fortress is immense and is strategically located at the entrance to San Juan Harbor with Fort San Juan de la Cruz across the harbor from it placing any enemy vessel in a deadly cross fire as it tries to enter the bay.
     After leaving San Felipe El Morro Castle, it was down into the walled city to explore the walls and the architecture of this magnificent old city.   Wandering through these narrow streets is an adventure in itself.   You turn a corner and a new world pops up right in front of you and you just can’t keep the camera from taking another and another and another picture.     As we moved toward the South side of the city we were back to the walls again and the feeling that the city had to be impregnable from the land or the sea.     These walls at least 20 feet thick and made of stone and concrete are just plain impressive.     With our time in Old San Juan running out far too quickly, we headed for the port and the Celebrity Summit to get aboard for the beginning of our next adventure.
     Once aboard the Celebrity Summit, we got checked in, had the safety drill, move into our room, then it was time for some lunch in the Waterfall cafĂ© for some lunch and then off to the Setting Sail Party by the pool on the 10th deck.     The crew made sure that we were well stocked with rum drinks as the ship slowly backed out of its berth and was turned around and got under way.     I can feel the ships movement now as we are at sea and I am in the room typing about today’s events.
Tomorrow is a day at sea so we will be wandering around the ship and seeing what the ship has to offer us as we embark on our sea day. ;o).