Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time for a Little Bit of Rehab

     The Miami Rum Renaissance Festival has now come and gone, but not without a price to be paid.    Seven days and nights of rum sampling, very little sleep, and a grueling schedule has taken a toll on this body of mine.     I will have to say that I would not trade the experience for anything and the new contacts and friends that I have made is very rewarding.     It is going to take weeks to sort through all of the information and ideas before this will all sink in for me and then be able to relate some of the many stories to you.     I'd like to also congratulate the Burr's for a job well done throughout the event and having things happen in a very smooth flow.     Seven days of judging, breakfasts, lunches, VIP partys, and the finale of the Grand Tasting on Saturday was an event that took lots of planning and coordination to come off that well.

     For myself I really was able to broaden my horizons in many areas and learn much about parts of this industry that I had not been exposed to before and a chance to sample so many new cane spirits.     Representatives from all over the rum world were there and available to fill you in on the subtleties of their rums and where thy are and are not distributed.      One of the good things is that I have already added new rums to our inventory at the Rum Bar pushing us well past 220 rums.     I'll be letting my liver recover this week as well as the rest of my body.      The price you have to pay if you want to learn and enjoy this many really fine spirits in a short order.

      Now it is back to reality and gleaning new stories from all the information that I have accumulated in the past 7 or so days.   ;o)