Saturday, July 16, 2016

“Smoking” Alcohol Vapors Warned to be More Dangerous Than Drinking

     "Smoking" alcohol vapors was a fad that went around a few years ago, and it has seemed to made
a come back again.  This time there has been enough research that is telling us that it is more dangerous than drinking alcohol.  I got one of the unique devices that allows you to "smoke" alcohol, and tried it, but found that it lacked the flavor  and the oral satisfaction that I get from enjoying a good cocktail.  Anyway, here is the research and the impending warning that is being issues to the residents of the United States.

"Residents in the United States are being warned that the re-emerging trend of smoking alcohol is more harmful than just drinking."
     A number of videos have recently appeared online apparently giving youngsters tips on how to vaporize alcohol to inhale it, and more dangerously, there is no need for any kind of device to implement this.  However, there are alcohol bongs, dry ice cocktails and people even free-base alcohol over an open flame.  The goal is to inhale the alcohol through the lungs to feel its effects, but doctors are warning that this method could prove to be much more dangerous than simply ingesting it normally.

     “Absolutely as bad as drinking, maybe worse,” said Dr. Alfred Aleguas with the Florida Poison Information Center at Tampa General Hospital.   “You have really no clue as to how much you’re ingesting,” said Aleguas.   Aleguas explains that the vapor goes straight into your lungs, thus bypassing the stomach, liver and other organs that metabolize and slow the absorption of alcohol into the blood. And worryingly, there are no typical signs of over indulgence like vomiting and the vapor can damage the lungs, leading to infection.