Saturday, November 24, 2012

Santa Teresa Away from the Rum

The morning fog shrouds the mountains behind the sugar cane
     Santa Teresa distillery is set in a very beautiful mountain valley in Venezuela.   The thing that really go to me was the surroundings of the distillery.   They have a recreational park on the distillery grounds and a train that takes the guests around the facility.   The distillery is very interesting and the tasting of the rums is also very interesting, but the scenery is just breath taking.   


     With the sugar cane growing on the grounds and the beautiful tassel plumes brightening up the valley floor.   The mountains transition down to the valley and the trees, sugar and the distillery.     It really doesn't matter which way you look from the park area of the distillery, you see something that hold your eye.   In the open fields there are horses grazing and people having a picnic lunch.  Just a really peaceful serene setting in which to make some very good rum.    

Trees, mountains and sugar cane, what a beautiful picture

Following the row of graceful palm trees down the lane through the sugar cane fields you see the towering still jut up from the tops of the sugar cane.   This is the reminder of the other side of the plantation.    The reason for the huge plantation is here in the first place, making of the rum.   That is what supports the park, the train station and the rest of the operation.   It is nice however to be able to enjoy the lush bird filled scenery that surrounds the manufacturing of rum here.

Oh Yes the rum and the lineage of the rum, just as colorful as the park where it is produced.   Santa Teresa Bodega Privada, the private reserve of the family, beyond the imagination for taste and flavor.   The traditions that keep the place in full operation producing these fine rums.   ;o)