Thursday, March 26, 2015

Springtime in Key West

     For the past couple of weeks, we are getting the first signs of spring down here in Key West.  The return of some of the migratory birds flowers blooming, and a general warming trend with the winds decreasing.   This is a really wonderful thing for us, and a time to get out on the water and enjoy all that makes the tropics so wonderful.

     I know, those of you that have been suffering all winter with 100 or more inches of snow don't believe that spring is something that we can actually notice.  There are significant difference in our seasons as well.  I went out on the waters last week for the first time in many weeks, the seas were calm and the ride was very smooth and wonderful.   I arrived at Bahia Honda dry and the 80 degree air temp put a smile on my face as I came under the old railroad bridge.   

     The birds are different, the air is warm and the flowers are beginning to bloom again, just like everywhere else when spring arrives,   I just hope that your spring has arrived bringing a wonderful change for you like it has for us down here.   ;o)