Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Havana Club's Past and Present Masters Meet in Madrid

     There was a lot of rum and Havana Club History came together at the 4th annual International Rum Conference in Madrid this past week.   Francisco Don Poncho Fernandez and Maestro Jose Navarro, maestro and former Maestros Roneros for Havana Club Rum.   Don Poncho in the 50's and Jose Navarro today.  These are the men that are responsible for the rum at all stages of it production, from the sugarcane  to the bottle.      
     They bear the secrets of one of Cuba’s true treasures: rum that owes its incomparably high quality to the noblest traditions and finest ingredients. Around 15 years of training are necessary to become a true Maestro Ronero – a period in which the most experienced Maestro Roneros transmit their knowledge to their successors. Each Maestro Ronero leaves his creations to age so that future generations may use them to blend even better aged rums.
     Today Don José Navarro, Havana Club’s Primer Maestro Ronero, and his team follow every step of this unique process, ensuring the respect of Cuban rum-making tradition and the superior quality of Havana Club rum. "The rum doesn’t come from a magical combination", Don José Navarro explains. "It is a cultural legacy, passed on from Maestro Ronero to Maestro Ronero, from heart to heart, from Cuban to Cuban." 

     Maestro Ronero Fernandez began his career in Cuba with Havana Club, then in Panama with Varela Hermanos crafting the beautiful Abuelo rums, and he has consulted for distilleries all over the world.  Today he is producing such rums as Don Poncho Origenes Rums, Panamonte, Panama Red, Yolo, and many many more.   This linage of Maestros Roneros is what make the Havana Club Rums so consistent and wonderful.