Friday, March 11, 2016

Bahama Bob's Ten Best Rums for the Money

     Here are the ten best rums for the money that I have found readily available here in the United States.   Most of these are available in most states, but not all, but they are extremely good value.   If you are looking for quality rums at a bargain price, give some of these a try.

Afrohead Aged Rum: Rum from Trinidad blended for The Landing on Harbour Island.   It is for those brave enough to drink in the greatness of life without the need for pretense or justification. It is meticulously crafted for the storytellers, the rebels, the pioneers.  Priced around $30, it is a great premium rum.

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva:  This Venezuelan rum is the creation of Tito Cordero.   One of the best known of the Diplomatico brand.   Distilled from molasses in a copper pot still before 12 years of ageing. Rich, sweet and fruity.    Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva is one of the most awarded rums, with more than 20 awards to its name.    Price at around $36 making it a very popular premium rum value.

Doorly's XO:  Richard Seale's famous Barbados Rum can be a bit hard to find here in the states, but the effort is really worth the effort.   You can find fine rums out there, but to fine such a gem at this price is just plain great Doorly’s XO is simply the finest rum for the money, period.   Priced around $18 puts itno the super bargain catagory.

El Dorado 12 Year:  This is one of the famous Demerrera Rums from Guyana.   Demerara Distillers of Guyana produces El Dorado 12-year rum and is the country's last remaining distillery, with origins tracing back to 1670. The name ""El Dorado"" references the legendary city of gold that is said to be in the country's Rupununi region.  Price right around $30 another of the perfect premium rums for the money.

Flor De Cana 4 Year Gold:  Flor de Cana Rum as the "single malt" of the rum category. Genuinely aged the number of years stated on the label, the term "Slow-Aged" embodies the essence of the brand, which results in some of the finest premium rums available today.  Priced at $22 it is perfect for those premium cocktails without a premium price tag.

Matusalem Platino:   Dominican Republic produced from a family owned producer originally based in Santiago de Cuba.   This is a premium white rum that is triple distilled and filtered for a perfect clean taste with very subtle notes that make your daiquiri perfect.  Priced at $15 per bottle, you won’t find a nicer white rum for the money.

Pampero Aniversario:   This is a delicious premium rum, column distilled golden rum from Venezuela.    Full-bodied and highly fruity, with a terrifically smooth, persistent finish.  This is one of the wonderful sippers that sips like a high priced rum.   Priced at $37 this is a super-premium bargain.

Plantation Grande Reserve 5 Year:   This is a 5 year old Barbados rum from the Plantation range, aged in bourbon barrels before being transported to Cognac Ferrand in France for a finish in Cognac casks! This is a very good indeed both as a sipper or a mixer.   Priced at around $23 this is a solid rum for keeping on your bar.

Rhum Barbancourt 5 Star 8 Year Old:   Rhum Barbancourt is a superior premium dark rum distilled twice in copper pot stills.  It is barrel aged in white oak barrels.  Barbancourt is made directly from sugar cane juice, pressed from hand-cut locally grown cane.   Aged 8 years, a full bodied premium "Reserve Speciale" dark rum with a velvety quality.  Priced at around $25 it can be enjoyed straight on the rock as a mixer, it will enhance any rum drink.

Zafra Master Reserve 21 Year Old:   This is an excellent Panamanian rum from the mind of Don Pancho Fernandez.   A 2010 RumXP Gold medal winner.   With rich toffee, exotic fruit, and spice, the Zafra 21 year has everything you're looking for in a sipping rum.  All rum lovers deserve to treat themselves to a bottle of this great expression!  Priced around $40 you won’t find another 21 year old super-premiun anywhere near this price.

These will make a great collection for your home or professional bar.  They are price right for the quality of the expressions.  Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.