Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wandering Georgwetsown and the West Side of Grand Cayman

    Quite, just the opposite from life on the east side of Grand Cayman, the west coast is a bustling metropolis for industrial and tourist.  Seven Mile Beach is the Tourist Zone of Grand Cayman.   We leave out of the Reef Resort and follow the southern coast to Georgetown and the Seven Mile Beach area.    The view from the highway as we travel down the coast toward Georgetown is absolutely incredible.   We play peek a boo with the ocean and the vegetation as we proceed toward Georgetown.

Once in Georgetown we make for the coast road along Seven Mile Beach and up to a place on the northern end of Seven Mile Beach known as Hell.  Once you see this amazing area, you'll know why they call it Hell.  The carbonate rock is being eaten by organisms that consumes carbonate rock for its existence.  This leaves the holes and craggy rock formations that look as though "Hells Half Acre".

     After leaving Hell it was off to the northern part of the Seven Mile Beach area and the Turtle Farm and the Dolphin Experience.   We went into the Dolphin Experience for lunch and got a huge bonus show as we sat down for lunch.   The swim with the dolphins experience was getting under way.   It was a great show watching the dolphins go through their paces and giving rides to the visitors in the water.    Pairs of the dolphins would lift the visitors up and whisk them across the water with their noses under their feet.

     There were restaurants, shops, hotels and bars lining the beach.   This is a great area for the cruise ship passengers and the other tourists that are teeming in the area.   It is really a great area for tourists with all of the other natural and man-made attractions in the area.   Grand Cayman is a great and diverse island offering the secluded quiet areas as well a
s the bustling Seven Mile Beach areas that bring the tourists flocking,   This is a place that you need to consider for a vacation spot if you haven't already been here.  ;o)