Saturday, December 29, 2012

Phillip Greene: "To Have and Have Another"

Phillip Greene
     Phillip Greene, author of the book "To Have and Have Another" will be at the Rum Bar in Key West on Sunday December 30, 2012 for a book signing.  You will be able to chat with Phil and pick up your personal copy of the book in the classic Key West atmosphere that Hemingway so enjoyed from 1928 til 1940.    Phillip will be in the Rum Bar from 2pm until 5ish for you to meet and purchasse your autographed copy of the book..    

    “Part of what got me hooked on Hemingway was how well he described what he was eating and drinking,”   Phillip spends a lot of time discussing the little tricks and innovations of Hemingway and his drinking.  He liked his drinks very cold,” said Greene. “He used tennis ball cans to make giant ice cubes when he made his martinis and he would freeze his Spanish cocktail onions."    This detail of the cocktail and it's history makes for fun and interesting reading.    

"1923, Hemingway at the bullfights in Ronda, Spain. He published two books on bullfighting, Death in the Afternoon and The Dangerous Summer. He's likely most associated with the Fiesta of San Fermin, famous for its "Running of the Bulls." ... Of its setting he once wrote, "Pamplona is no place to bring your wife. The odds are all in favor of her getting ill, hurt or wounded or at least jostled and wine squirted all over her, or of losing her; maybe all three. ... It’s a man’s fiesta and women at it make trouble, never intentionally of course, but they nearly always make or have trouble." 
     The time you can spend with Phillip at the Rum Bar will be thoroughly enlightening and probably lead you a few blocks down the street to Hemingway's home here in Key West if you haven't already seen it.   This is a chance to visit with the author who did the research into the cocktails of the history of the cocktails that Ernest Hemingway enjoyed and how they fit into is works.    Phillip is a very colorful man with an interesting background in the areas of the cocktail.  
"To Have and Have Another" walks the line between a quixotically focused biography and generously informative cocktail book. As co-founder of New Orleans' Museum of the American Cocktail, Greene is an expert on all things booze."  
    Stop on in Sunday afternoon for a Hemingway and a chance to obtain the book signed by the author.   ;o)