Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Homeward Bound Today

My lodging on Lake Norman
    It is always nice to get off of the rock once in a while, but I find that no matter where I roam or visit, I ultimately love getting back to Key West.   This little rock provides me with a lot of comfort and inspiration to keep writing, and pressing ahead with new projects and lots of fun.   Though the trip was a business trip, I did find some time in the evenings to get together with a number of old friends.   Always good to see them when ever I get up this way and have the opportunity.

Karaoke with Gary Woods
     Today I board a jet in Charlotte and in just over 2 hours I will
be back on the boat and picking up life where it left off on Sunday evening.   Wednesday is not a real exciting day for most people, but for me it is a chance to get together with a lot of friends at the Hurricane Hole and make some noise.  Yes, it is Karaoke night with my friend Gary Woods spinning the discs.   There is a regular crowd of us crazy people that are brave enough or at least drunk enough to go up and belt out a song or two, but mostly just having a fun evening.  

     My arrival back at Key West at 5:11pm gives me just enough time to get to the boat, toss the luggage aboard, change and be at the Hurricane Hole by six for the start of karaoke.    It is always fun on the road, but the old adage of "there is no place like home " rings so true for me when I get to return to my fun little island.  ;o)

Home Sweet Home and at the Hurricane Hole