Friday, September 16, 2011

The Rum Lab is Working Today

Phil Prichard, Master Distiller
     Today in the Rum Lab we are working with a Prichard's Crystal Rum.     This is one of the fine American Rums that is rapidly on the rise in the homes and bars of the world.     This is a 5 time pot still distilled Louisiana Grade "A" Fancy Molasses whit rum.    This is a rum that can be sipped or mixed, that in itself make this an unusual white rum.     Phil Prichard brings pride and experience to the art of rum making in America, and I feel privileged to be able to work with a really fine rum here in the lab.

     Today we will take this rum and try to develop some new cocktails that will really enhance the flavors of this really nice rum without burying them in overboard mixes.     The ideas stem from the use of classic cocktails that have been almost forgotten about and bring the rum into the mix in place of the original liquor.     This opens a new world of flavors and revitalizes many of these classic cocktails with the wonderful world of rum.

     I will give you a report and some of the new recipes in tomorrow's edition.     ;o)