Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tuesday at Bahia Honda Relaxing on the Boat

     Sitting in the cockpit of  "Lil Sanity" with a nice rum cocktail, I'm reminded of what Ernest Hemingway said about writing drunk and editing sober.   My mind is really out there today as I sip another wonderful rum cocktail ad enjoy the warmth of the sun.   I'm taken to the wonderful world of the tropics and a good rum cocktail and all of the fun that I am allowed to have down here.

     I just completed a really fun four days of working at the Rum bar with so many of my mainland friends visiting.  I wonder why I'm so lucky to have so many friends that continue to visit me year after year and some times even more  often.   This week it was Dave, Carlos, Amy, Brett, Joy, Niki, Mary, Kimberly, Chrissy, Iris, Streeter and Carlton that kept me company and enjoying a whole bunch of fun rum cocktails.

    Today it is my day for cutting loose and  just having a fun day on and around the water.   The flowers, surf, birds and serenity of Bahia Honda make today so wonderful.   I love the work here in the keys, but after a week of taking care of all of my friends it is a wonderful thing to just sit in my deck chair and down a few rum and ginger beer cocktails and let the rest of the world just drift away.

     Sorry for the rambling, but this is one of those really fun days after a great work week that makes me just want to let loose and really enjoy the tropical life and have some fun my own way.  For those of you that have to be in a place that is not quite as neat as where I am today, I'm very sorry, but for me this is just a really wonderful thing that I can't help telling you about.   Here is to my world and all of the fun that I hope I get to share with you someday soon.  ;o)