Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014 Rhum Fest Paris: Concours Awards

     The results for the 2014 Rhum Fest Paris are in and I finally have them translated into English.  There was a true international jury to access these fine rhums and rums, and

their findings will be honored for a year until next year's event.   Below are the Jury of judges.

List of international judges:


·         Ian Burrell (England): Global Rum Ambassador

·         Dirk Becker (Germany): Berlin Rum Fest

·         Kristina Wolf  (Germany) Rum XP

·         Robert Burr  (USA) Miami Rum Renaissance Festival

·         Javier Herrera  (Spain) Madrid International Conference Rum

·         Philip Ili Barake  (Chile) Cigar Sommelier

·         Peter Holland  (England) The Floating Rumshack

·         René Van Hoven  (Netherlands) Rum XP

·         Benoit Lease (Luxembourg) Consultant

·         Leonardo Pinto  (Italy) Rome Rum Festival

·         Vingtier Alexandre  (France) Rumporter

·         Stephen Martin  (France) Best Mixologist de France 2009

·         Vallanet Jérôme  (France) Mixologist

·         Michael Landart  (France) Owner at Maria Loca

·         Julhes Nicolas (France) Le Petite Salon du Rhum

·         Alexandra Bernet  (France) Consultant

·         John Gibbons

·         Marc fought (France) Baroof

·         Alexandre Jarry

·         Pierre Moreau

·         Sébastien Scarf (France) Genepi
These are the final results of the judging  for your perusal.
         Agricultural rum and juice white:
Gold: Heir Madkaud
Silver: The heart of cane Favorite
Bronze: Depaz - cuvée of the mountain
Molasses White Rums
Gold: Flor de Cana Extra Dry
Silver: Diplomatico Reserve Blanco
Bronze: Plantation 3 *.
Agricultural Rum and Juice aged in wood, straw, amber...
Gold: The Favorite heart of rum
Silver: Reimonencq André
Bronze: Neisson Reserve
Amber Molasses and Gold Rums
Gold: Planting Original Dark
Silver: Rum Fair Belize
Bronze: Mount Gay Black Barrel
Agricultural Rum and Juice 3 to 6 years old
Bronze: Depaz VSOP
Agricultural Rum and Juice 3 to 6 years old
Gold: Chairman's reserve
Silver: Savanna 3 years
Bronze: Planting Guatemala
 Agricultural Rum and Juice old over 6 years
Gold: Longueteau old XO
Silver: Nation Martinique out of age
Bronze: Karukera 1999
More than 6 years old Molasses Rums
Gold: El Dorado 15 years
Silver: The spirit of rum Travellers
Bronze: Mount Gay XO
 Spiced Rums
Gold: Rebellion Spiced
Silver: La Mauny Spicy
Bronze: Old Orleans New Cajun Spice
Specialities of Rum (liquor, shrubb...)
Gold: Dormoy Shrubb
Silver: Chamarel liquor coconut
Bronze: Chamarel liqueur coffee
Rum for Cocktails:
Gold: Diplomatico Reserva Exclusive
Silver: Blackwell
Bronze: Arcane Cane Crush
 Rums Arranged
Gold: Isautier flamed banana
Silver: Isautier Gingenbre lemon
Bronze: TI arranged CED pineapple Victoria
Innovation of the Year
Gold: Arcane Cane Crush
Silver: Nine Leaves Clear
Bronze: Mount Gay Black Barrel
Special Prize of the Jury
Rum HSE Sauternes finish
Marks Favorite Users
Gold: Plantation
Silver: Ti' arranged by CED
Bronze: Damoiseau
    This is an interesting group of Rhums and Rums and the catagories are very different than many events that I have seen before.  Well done to the jury and I hope you enjoy the fine winners of the 2014 Rhum Fest Paris Concours.  ;o)